A day in the life of…MOO Quality Assurance

Here at MOO, Quality Assurance plays a super important role; not only is our QA team responsible for ensuring our yoghurt is the very best quality, they’re also the guys in charge of food safety and hygiene, and the fun bit, product testing.
Our Quality Assurance Officer, Georgina, took us behind-the-scenes for a sneak peak into the life of MOO QA.

My day usually starts early, when production starts, which normally means I’m at the factory by 7am. After a strong coffee, it’s straight into it! Before production can start I need to:
   – check best before dates
   – calibrate the pH meter
   – check the scales (which weigh our MOO tubs) are correct
   – swab machinery to make sure everything has been cleaned properly
  – check the pH levels of our base yoghurt

Once production starts I’ll continue doing Quality checks throughout, making sure all the yoghurt getting tubbed is how it should be, that is, thick, creamy and delicious! 

After lunch it’s more taste testing, this time on batches from the day before. I’ll also do lots of paperwork and ensure our suppliers are conforming with requirements, plus regularly send off yoghurt for monthly micro-biological testing.

After an early-start, it’s home time! Ready to do it all again tomorrow…                                                            

3 skills you need to work in QA

1. Attention to detail and a methodological approach to all you do

2. Great problem solving skills

3. Patience! 

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