Join the MOOvement…James Trenerry, KX Pilates

We are truly inspired by James Trenerry. After leaving his 9-5 to follow his passion for all things health and fitness, James is now a permanent fixture on the KX Pilates scene as both a Trainer and Studio Owner. He talks about his journey from Sydney to Adelaide, his best tips on staying healthy and happy, and why sometimes you just need couch time. Oh, and he’s addicted to MOO Blood Orange & Passion Compote Yoghurt. Nice.

1. How did you start your KX journey?

2012 was a real turning point for me. I no longer enjoyed working 9-5 as a HR Business Partner, and decided I’d rather utilise my time focusing on my passion; and that was anything and everything Health and Fitness.

I started working for KX Pilates as a Trainer, and for the next 5 years, as my time there increased so did my love for the brand. Within this time, I moved to Sydney to manage a couple of new studios, and to help grow the brand in a new state. This was before taking the big leap and opening my own KX Pilates studio in my hometown, Adelaide, in September 2016. Here, my partner Kat, also opened IvoryRose Physiotherapy for Her.

We’re now currently in the process of expanding IvoryRose, and looking to hopefully open a few more KX Studios down the track. From this, we’ve developed strong relationships with our community- we’ve just been asked to be Ambassadors for lululemon Athletica, which is rad!

2. Describe the KX way of training?

KX Pilates is an exciting style of reformer Pilates training which is quite new to Adelaide. Our unique, high performance style is what sets us apart from other Pilates studios. We offer a revolutionary, fast paced, body-toning workout in just 50 minutes. It fuses elements of traditional reformer Pilates, with cardio and endurance training to give you a high-intensity workout.

KX Pilates training comes with a twist, focusing a little less on the precise core stabilisation of traditional Pilates and instead adds a cardio aspect- so whilst the core is still being activated and trained, the rest of the body can be trained at a fast pace.

3. Best tips on staying healthy and happy?

  • Feeling good about yourself starts with mental health. Mental Health comes from eating well, sleeping well, surrounding yourself with a positive community, and being focused on your passion, and what you like to do with your time.
  • Seek professional guidance and advice from people who have the right qualifications, experience, and who stay up to date with the latest research and evidence to help their clients.
  • The best approach to exercise is generalised dynamic movement. Doing 100 burpees for time or lifting weights in single planes of movement is not going to achieve overall pain-free mobility or longevity of your body.
  • Don’t compare your fitness journey to your own past, or someone else’s present. Focus on your own journey, and give praise and support to others on their journey.
  • Make sure you’re having fun doing it. If it’s no longer fun, it’s time for a change.

4. What are your favourite ways to unwind and take time out for yourself?

When it comes to unwinding first thing I need to do is move my body! This can consist of either a quick run up Mt Lofty, a PT session, or a spin on the reformer in a KX session. Following this, pretty much the same thing as everyone else- food.

You can easily sort me out with any time of day Brunch. Avocado Smash with feta, mint, chili and lime- perhaps a little bit of balsamic reduction (depends how we’re feeling on the day)- two poached eggs and a double espresso. Making James a happy guy.

We also have a ritual at home with “couch time”. This is a space where Kat and I- with our puppy Harriet- simply slump on the couch. No phones. No computers. Potentially Netflix in the background, and allow ourselves the freedom to just switch off.  A few couch time sessions recently have actually turned into slumber parties on the sofa bed. That’s probably my favourite.

5. Last, but definitely not least, favourite way to enjoy yoghurt?

I’m getting right into the MOO Blood Orange & Passion Compote yoghurt right now! A small tub of that on top of trail mix from The Field Whole Foods and oats with honey is my GO TO for a quick, uplifting breakfast or snack. I’m addicted.


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