Join the MOOvement…Binny Watson

We had a chat to Australian fashion designer, mum and all-round inspirational woman, Binny Watson, on the beginnings of her fashion line, Binny, the elusive balance between work and home life, and her go-to way to enjoy yoghurt.

1. What inspired you to start the Binny fashion line?

I was working for other companies, launching brands from scratch into major department stores. It was a lot of fun but quite intense, extremely hard work and I found I was not designing things I really loved. So after taking some time off and moonlighting for a while in a completely different field, I realised that I missed the fashion industry and was better off to dive in and try my own label than die wondering.  I remember the halcyon days of round the world research and development trips with work friends very fondly. We would go several times a year but now I wonder if it was ever real. Trips these days are mostly to the amazing land of the internet!

2. Describe an average day in the life of Binny

I wake up and check emails on my phone in bed while listening to a tiny human giggle then promptly begin to yell for his servants to come immediately. I feed him, while my partner makes me a blisteringly strong coffee. I then walk with Ollie and the dogs for an hour or so while I make phone calls and think about the day ahead. Then I have the most productive two hours during his nap time. How I wish I worked at this intensity for most of my life. At the moment, afternoons are filled with playing trains & stopping the dogs’ tails from getting bitten whilst trying to juggle more emails and calls. Other times of the year I am designing intensely, approving production or doing photoshoots. During these times I am based in the city instead of at the farm and am in lockdown for 2-3 weeks, so life is totally different.

3. How do you find balance between work and home life?

See above. We are still trying to work that out! I do a lot at night and I have some amazing people in my team who help me stay very organised. During busy periods my partner and I juggle, plus we have the wonderful Nellie the SuperNanny, who allows all of us a normal work day instead of a circus act, so that really is our saviour. Because I work between the farm and Adelaide there is a lot of travel, but at the same time I truly love and feel lucky to have the best of both worlds.

4. What are your favourite ways to unwind and take time out for yourself?

Lying in the sun or next to an open fire reading a good book. My morning walk. Massage and mani pedi.

5. Last, but definitely not least, favourite way to eat yoghurt?

In a smoothie, as a snack and as an ice-cream replacement after dinner. MOO Boysenberry & Super Acai is my favourite! Yum! 

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