Tips to optimise your post-workout routine

After a tough workout, it’s important to re-energise yourself and maximise recovery. Practicing some handy techniques and fuelling yourself with the right foods can make a big difference in your post-workout routine, so we’ve listed some helpful tips down below!

Cool down and stretch

As much as we might want to make a beeline for the exit after a gym session, it’s important to cool yourself down and target the area you just exercised by stretching for at least 5 minutes. By doing this, you’re allowing your body time to recover and return to its normal heart rate and breathing. Stretching also helps with flexibility and muscle soreness (you can even try this by doing foam rolling).


We’ve all heard this before, but drinking water is the best thing you can do after a workout. It helps with muscle pain and flexibility, and with the loss of water through sweat, it also helps to replenish your fluids and restore your hydration levels.


Eating the right foods after a workout is just as important as preparing for one, so give yourself a boost with quality superfoods and protein-rich power-meals. Quinoa, lean proteins, bananas with nut butter, wholegrain wraps and protein shakes are excellent post-workout meal choices. Yoghurt is also another great option that is easy on your stomach and great for replenishing energy (hint: top MOO yoghurt with your fave muesli and berries for an extra source of nutrients!)

Rest and relax

After any tough workout, rest and relaxation are key. Your body and muscles need to naturally recover, so put your feet up and take some much needed time out.



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